Name: Hephaestus
The Greek Gods were never interested in the monster battles down below. But after seeing the many weapons and powers the monsters held, Hephaestus got interested. Being the god of fire and blacksmithing (and his horrible looks) he will gladly help your monsters in battle!

Trait: Hardened

3,339 power
31,566 Health
3,434 speed

Group 1:
Hammer Crush- Deals Moderate special damage
Hephaestus' Hope- Heals all allies by 15%
Fiery Mind- Deals low fire damage 50% stun

Group 2:
Honed Weapons- Applies damage boost, stamina regeneration to all monsters.

Anvil Smash- Deals heavy fire damage, may stun target

Firey Soul- Deals moderate special damage to all targets, may burn. Applies Freeze immunity to allies

Move Group 3:

Polished Weapons- Applies double damage to all allies, gives immunity to stun and freeze to all allies.

Hephaestus' Hammer- Deals heavy Fire damage may burn target, may apply damage boost to self.

Hephaestus' Will-
Deals low special damage to all targets give regeneration to all allies.

Dont Fight Hephaestus!
Applies 50% shield to self, double healing, and stamina regeneration to self, gains extra turn.

Thoughts- For this monster i assume he will have a hammer since he is a blacksmith, of course since this is monster legends he will have some ugly features. (also in greek mythology he is suppose to be the ugliest god anyway) His special is all about himself. I feel that his speed is well balanced since it is a bit lower than yamada but faster than some fire attackers. Since he is a god after all i decided to give him a high health stat. For ability i wanted him to be immune to stun and freeze but i feel that it may be unfair. And even though his power isnt the highest, he can still be used as a attacker if needed. Although he should be used as a support. There are plenty of Egyptian gods/myths inside the game its about time we have a greek legend (unless we do and i forgot) I feel he is quite balanced and would be a great addition![link text](

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