Since the final bodyguard monster is here it's inevitable that I want to talk about my thoughts, and what would be nice to change. (Even though it won't unfortunately)

Starting off with the question of what's next for team shop when it comes to new monsters? I honestly wouldn't mind you guys resting on making new monsters for it, but instead just selling really strong ones each month for 2.5k. For new exclusive team shop monsters always comeback cheaper, and with no reason to buy them at the absurd 2.5k for that month. For the next month there at a cheaper price due to fraternity event. If though there was a really powerful monster like Hackster for 2.5k only for that month people would definitely buy it. This would partially help deal with the issue of "easy" 130's by making the person have to decide between having new powerful monster, or rank up due to expensive pricing.
As for the issue on prices these current prices I feel like are completely awful. Not allowing newer players to get the generals by making them super expensive is really unfair. I mean I understand that these prices need to be balanced to prevent "easy" 130's, but they still gotta be fair. I mean you can currently get a rank 1 Thetys' Bodyguard for under the price of a General Thetys which is just really stupid. I mean, General Thetys is better, but it shouldn't that bad a separation between prices. Here's what the stuff should really cost in team shop based on usability, story, and balancing.
General Ingvar (1,800), General Atum (1,800), General Thetys (2,000), General Darmith (1,500), General Uria (1,250), General Shannara (1,250), General Alces (1,800), General Holter (1,500), General Nishant (1,500).

Darmith's Pet (800), Nishant's Pet (1,500), Thetys' Pet (1,500), Atum's Pet (950), Holter's Pet (1,150), Alces' Pet (1,250), Uria's Pet (1,150), Shannara's Pet (1,000), Ingvar's Pet (800).

Ingvar's Bodyguard (950), Atum's Bodyguard (1,000), Darmith's Bodyguard (1,500), Nishant's Bodyguard (1,500), Shannara's Bodyguard (1,150), Holter's Bodyguard (1,250), Uria's Bodyguard (1,050), Thetys' Bodyguard (950), Alces' Bodyguard (1,250).

As for other things I wouldn't mind seeing in team shop. I'd really like to see some scenery items, statues of generals would be kinda cool. Relic chests also would love to see available in the team shop due to me still finding relics really difficult to level up due to them just being too rare.