Hello Dragon Masters!

How did you like the First Episode of the ‘Legends of Deus’? We really hope that you all liked our videos and, especially, we really hope you enjoyed getting to know this epic tale from Deus himself! We have just started one of the greatest unspoken tale of Deus, and this month we will get to know 2 more of his 4 Legends! Get ready to collect Red and Violet Orbs, they are coming!

June is here guys! We are already halfway through 2017! As always, we will like to share with you in advance what’s coming next in Dragon City! Here’s our lineup for June ‘17l!

Upcoming Events and Updates:

We will start this month racing through the last days of the Demonic Dojo - Heroic Race! We really hope you all liked the special rewards we prepared for this special edition, with chances to get 2 Heroic Dragons!

On the 5th of June, we will start an event Island, the Frankstein Island! This island will last 3 days and it will come together with a Breeding Event. You will even have the chance to claim some more of the Legends of Deus Orbs!! So make sure you don’t miss out!

ALSO, starting on the 5th of June as well, the 2nd EPISODE of Legends of Deus will arrive to the islands! The next Legend to be summoned will be “DRATO”. Start collecting the RED ORBS on that same day and don’t miss out the second of the Legends of Deus! Once the summoning week comes to an end, you will need to fight with Drato in its Tournament and defeat its Nemesis!

Keep writing your Dragon City Story!

Besides, if you are still missing a Green Orb (to summon Draek the Warrior), you will have the chance to collect some more! If you have any doubt about how to get the orbs, remember to check our game FAQ’s, soon we will be adding a new one with all the information! 🙂

After this one, we will start a new Island, especially for all our gamers out there! Please welcome the VideoGames Island! You’ll have the chance to get to know all our Videogame Dragons! We are really excited to play this as well and we would love to hear your feedback about it and get your thoughts about the of these awesome new dragons that are coming! They cannot wait to join the Dragon City family!

Then on the 19th of June, we will start the 3rd EPISODE of Legends of Deus! The episode in which we will get to know DRAGEM Dragon, the wiser dragon of the group. 🙂
Mark this day on your calendar and start collecting the Violet Orbs to summon it first and then fight with it throughout its tournament and defeat its Nemesis as well!

AND summer is coming to the North Hemisphere! Yay! 🙂 In order to celebrate the summer coming to Dragon City, we will have the Summer Island! Connected to this island, we will start the Breeders Event 2.0! As during the previous month, you will have the chance to get ANOTHER UNIQUE JOKER dragon!

Remember that a ‘joker’ dragon (like Viktor) works for some special Breeding Events. This one will be able to help with these events as well and is one that you have to have for your collections! It will be a Legendary but we need a name…. So we wanted to ask for your help! YOU WILL HELP US CHOOSE IT!

How? When? Keep an eye on our official Facebook page and get involved! The entire community will name it and decide the best one for this Joker Dragon!

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There will also be daily dragon offers and flash sales, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want / need.

We will finish this month with a new Heroic Race - Summer that comes with a new Heroic Dragon! The High Star Dragon!! Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel to be the first to see him! 😉

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We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys! Let us know us your opinion HERE!

We will see you back on the island. 🙂