Im ok how Team Races are now in the game but i have few sugestions :
1.If a team get to lap 30 even is not in 1 place to get the prize monster,not ranked up 🙂

  1. Now we have : At lap 8 that monster 1 star rank up,at lap 10 two stars and at lap 14 we have 3 stars rank up for winner. Why not put : At lap 20 to be 4 stars rank up and at lap 26 get max rank up that monster 🙂 For the winner of course 🙂
    3.If a team for example is in 4-6 position but have 8,10 or 14 laps to get that prize ranked up with the corect number of stars 🙂
    Thanks for read my ideeas 🙂 Have a nice day all 🙂