Greetings, Monster Masters!

As you may have noticed, we upgraded our AI in the Multiplayer Mode so that battles reflect better the real strength of your team of monsters.

As this has proven to improve the game experience we would like to introduce this new AI in other parts of the game:

  • After a successful beta, the new AI will become permanent in Multiplayer Mode.
  • With that change, we will also introduce the new AI in Team Wars for more balanced wars.
  • To make the Dungeons more fun we will also expand the new AI there.
  • And least but not last in the Adventure map.

We would like to thank you all on giving us very useful feedback and make some necessary tweaks. The AI has undergone a significant improvement and you can look forward to a bigger variety of behaviors.

With the new and improved AI, you can expect a less predictable behavior and monsters can sometimes make different decisions in order to surprise the enemy team.

Thank you all for sharing with us your opinion on our forums, Facebook, and the tickets that you have sent to Customer Service.

These changes will be live May 30th and we hope you’ll like them.