Hello, my name is Draconuz and our guild name is Raging Titans. Since I became co-leader about 3 months ago, I've been sifting through inactives (oh I'd have to say 60 or 70 now) to try and get more active people playing and we have a good solid core team, with stragglers. We're fairly small as far as overall power goes (having currently just over 84k monster power and rising the ranks), but we haven't lost a war in almost a month because we have more active people playing than anyone else we're warring against. There is still much room for improvement. We're also currently number 1 on team race right now with a large lead over teams literally 35-40x higher monster power than we are. Which means we're more active. Like I said though, a lot of room for improvement. We war every chance we get. When one stops, we immediately start another. During that time, people who would like to join will be required to attack 3/5 times minimum to ensure their spot on the team. That is not hard. Those with the lowest contribution will be kicked first. We don't care to be the biggest, (most of us are free to play or barely pay anything) but we strive to be the best at the level we're playing. As of now minimum requirements to get in will be 1k monster power. This tells us you've played long enough that you may not abandon the game anytime soon. We're looking for active members, not the highest level players which is also why 1k is minimum and not higher. We'll grow together, and have fun doing it. If you have questions, please ask. If you reply on here or send me a message with your name, you'll be at the top of the list. Just make sure you find us and apply to join the guild. Sorry for the long message, and thanks for reading!