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Hello, Dragon Masters!

Once again, as a new month begins, it is time to greet you and share with you some of the most exciting news coming up from the Dragon City. But first, the most important thing is to take another opportunity to thank each and every one of you, our Dragon Masters, whose support drives and inspires us every day.

May is over already! Can you believe it? Let’s look back at some of the highlights of the month: Recall, Empower and Dragon Roost!

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Thanks to the Tree of Life you can Recall your duplicate Dragons to the Dragonverse! They will live happily in their beautiful Dimension, where Primals come from, and you get to keep Dragon Orbs as a gift! Also, the Tree of Life keeps delivering more and more surprises! We knew that Dragon Orbs hold the essence of Dragons, and now we know how, thanks to the Tree of Life, we can use this essence to Empower our Dragons to new Limits! Isn’t it awesome? I wonder what will we see from Empowered Dragons, I’m sure this new power will reveal even more surprises! What will an Empowered Heroic Dragon will look like? How many Dragons have you Empowered?

And if that’s not enough, let’s look at what’s coming in June!

You’ve played with your Alliances, collaborating with your alliances members and claiming Alliance Chests! But we know all this time you’ve been wondering and asking for something else… Well, dear Dragon Masters, during this month you will have the chance to claim a very very special reward… and you will be able to get it by participating in a brand new special event in which you will participate with your Alliance: The Alliance Race!

Note: Teamwork spirit and collaboration between all your alliance members will be very important!

So, get ready! Start your engines, and more importantly, cooperate and team up because this race will have a reward never seen before!

And what’s coming further? Well, we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but something tells us that the Tree of Life will probably lead us to even more beautiful adventures, where we will meet some new, exciting characters who may need our help, just like Kenny did back in December! Let’s keep writing our #DragonCityStory together!

See you back in the Islands!