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Dear community,

The very first Alliance Race is here! So make sure all your alliance members are set and ready for the challenge!

Check out the First Alliance Race Dragon Spotlight -> link text

Keep reading and find more information about the event & the rewards that you can get:

What are Alliance Races?

Alliance Races are events where players race each other, similar to a Heroic Race.
The main difference is that, instead of ‘solo racers’ competing against each other, Alliances will be competing against one another!

What does an Alliance need to do to obtain rewards?

All Alliances that REACH LAP 5 will receive rewards. In general terms, the higher the rank, the better the rewards!
Also, the alliance that classifies in the 1st position in the ranking at the end of the race, will get a super exclusive reward! (All members of the Alliance!)

In each race, we will have a maximum of 20 Alliances competing against each other!

Please note that, if at the very end of the race there are 2 alliances on the same lap and with the same number of missions completed, the first one (and winner) will be the alliance that got there first.

Awesome! I’m already looking forward to the Race! … but what about the Alliance Race Rewards?!

The rewards for the first ever Alliance Race will be as follows:


1st Alliance

  • The first Heroic with the Primal Element… The high Feral Dragon!
  • x 60 Orbs Legendary Primal - Mammatus Dragon (Alliance Chest)
  • x120 Orbs Epic - Martian Dragon
  • Very Rare - Soul Eater Dragon

2nd to 9th Alliance

  • x25 Orbs Legendary Primal - Mammatus Dragon
  • x 100 Orbs Epic - Martian Dragon
  • Very Rare - Soul Eater Dragon

10th to last Alliance (if qualified - Reached Lap 5)

  • x 10 orbs Legendary Primal - Mammatus Dragon
  • x 30 orbs Epic - Martian Dragon
  • Very Rare - Soul Eater Dragon


What is the reward dragon for the first Alliance, you say? The rumours say it kind of looks like a dinosaur...! -> Watch Alliance Race video HERE

What if a member of the Alliance doesn’t participate?

As long as the Alliance is qualified (by reaching lap 5), all members of the Alliance will obtain the rewards. Higher ranks will give better rewards, so it is up to each Alliance to invite active players who will participate and help the Alliance win!

Will we be penalized if there are members not participating?

No! Alliance Race Event is, essentially, a collaborative event. Joining efforts and strategies with your allies will help to a common and higher prize! Communication, cooperation and being active during the Alliance Race will be key to WIN the race!

Remember, just the 1st Alliance per group will claim the exclusive reward… Guess what it could be?! 😉

What Alliances can join the race?

ANY Alliance can participate in an Alliance Race. However, make sure to invite as many people as possible to your Alliance: more people participating will likely make you advance faster in the race!

Is there any difference between Heroic races on how the missions work?

Yes, there is! There will be 3 different kinds of missions that Alliances will have to complete in order to advance in the race:

  • One for ALL: The first player to reach the goal will clear it for the entire team. Make sure you communicate with each other to plan a strategy!
  • Join effort: Each Alliance member needs to contribute equally towards the Alliance's goal. Once you complete your part, you'll have to wait for the rest of the members to complete theirs.
  • Do your part: All the members contribute to a common goal and everyone can participate as much as they want until the quest is completed!

Other than that, there won’t be items gathering: each contribution (i.e. gold recollection) will count towards the mission

What happens if a member leaves the Alliance?

For this First race, it will work as the Alliance Chest. If a member leaves, the Alliance will keep the points.

Also, the member that leaves an alliance won’t get any reward.

Will Alliance Races have a different melody than Heroic Races?

Yes! We hope you like it! So, please share your feedback with us!

That's all, for now, Dragon Master! We hope this information helps! Get ready your alliance members set and ready, the first Alliance Race is coming to Dragon City!

Have a great day and see you back on the Islands! 🙂