On this suggestion, i will describe my ideas containing a new dragon's tower and new dragons et new concept.

Recently, I realized that there were not a lot of tricks to unlock, so I thought there might be a new tower, I added my idea of ​​being able to give us a x2 boost of coins of labyrinth.
looking through the book of dragons, I was able to relate my findings and think of stylish dragons.

  • Serious Dragon (in the familly of dragon loyalty and reason...). Rank: Rare, Element(s) : War and Metal and Dark.
  • Dragon Trust (in the familly of dragon loyalty...). Rank : Very rare, Element(s) : Metal and Light.
  • Dragon Mistrust (//). Rank : Very rare, Element(s) : Metal and Dark.
  • Dragon Solidarity (//). Rank : Epic. Element(s) : Primitive and Light and Electric.
  • Dragon Fortress (Like Capone bege). Rank : Legendary, Element(s) : Metal and Fire and War and Earth.
  • Indestructible Dragon ( More powerful.). Rank : Legendary, Element(s) : Legend and Pure and War.


And if we added a sort of event that takes up the concept of the labyrinth and the gladiator's arena ?.

the event would be focused on a single element, to win a piece of element, it would be either: fight and kill a dragon with the main dragon of the element or either: hatch the main dragon or even make a reproduction with the main dragon or do a quest or mission with the main dragon etc...

And loots, eeuuuhmmm... Win a dragon of this element ?.

I think that I have said everything, I hope on all sides that you have understood and will think about it. On these words, have a nice day.