Greetings, Monster Masters!

When Warmaster Gortak came to your islands not that long ago, he was very warmly welcomed and has already joined the armies of many of you. However, he cannot fight all the monsters on his own as the only Warmaster. So the time has come to call on his comrade and fellow Warmaster who is proficient in the fire crafts, one of the best control monsters that has ever appeared in Monster Legends.

On Thursday, June 14, a new set of Warmaster Barbael Dungeons will become available with some exciting changes!


No more retry price for nodes in the Warmaster dungeons
Both the Monster Legends Team and the community agreed that the retry prices were killing the fun, as it didn’t allow you to freely experiment with new monsters and strategies. So from now on, there will be no price for retrying any battle node! The difficulty of the nodes has been dramatically revamped We want to make these dungeons more fun and we have balanced the difficulty the way that the nodes remain challenging but still very enjoyable to play and win. Therefore, we sent all Warmaster Dungeons to the blacksmith, and readjusted them to be way more achievable!


More Heroic Orb sources coming soon!
We are also planning to include additional sources and more ways for you to obtain Orbs more easily. Stay tuned because very soon we will do the big reveal!


Additional prizes for players who get Barbael in time
To celebrate the addition of the best control monster to the game, there will be an amazing reward waiting for the Monster Masters who will be able to craft Barbael or Rank him up during the first week on his release. Make sure you follow the in-game news for more info on this!


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