To begin, I would like to make two seperate monsters that are connected, kind of like Galante and Violet. These monsters will be called Yan and Yong so its different from Yin and Yang and they will be like siblings or something. Some move sets would be like Yong's Light since Yan will be light,and Yan's dark side since Yong will be dark. Another move set would be for both of them and this should be their special move. The move will be called Yan Yong Yo just like Yin Yang Yo and it should have both of them doing the attack. These two should probably act as premiere monsters or something like that as well. Yan should have a black dot on her head and Yong should have a white dot somewhere different. The monsters should also have a yo-yo as their weapon. Just an idea I got from my history class, thank you for listening.