Ironse - Light

Strength - 3465
Life - 29051
Speed - 3476

Shiny: Immune To Blind And Daze.
Books: Spirit, Good Legions.
Relics: Banner, Trap.

Nobody really knows what Ironse is. Some say she is iron. Some say light. Some say a combination of both. But they know one thing for sure. She is very powerful!

Skills Group 1:
Stellar Boost - Self/Light - 32 Stamina, 2 Cooldown, Double Damage.
Light Slaps - AoE/Light - 36 Stamina, 2 Cooldown, 30 Damage, Blind.
Power Increase - Team/Light - 36 Stamina, 2 Cooldown, Damage Boost, Precision.

Skills Group 2:
Stellar Force - Self/Light - 36 Stamina, 2 Cooldown, Double Damage, Precision.
Iron Slaps - AoE/Light - 36 Stamina, 3 Cooldown, 35 Damage, Daze.
Power Magnification - Team/Light - 38 Stamina, 3 Cooldown, Double Damage, Precision.

Skills Group 3:
Stellar Power - Self/Light - 48 Stamina, 4 Cooldown, Double Damage, Precision, 100% Recharge, 40% Heal.
Ironse Slaps - AoE/Light - 36 Stamina, 4 Cooldown, 40 Damage, Blind/Daze.
Power Amplification - Team/Light - 42 Stamina, 3 Cooldown, Damage Boost, Precision, 100% Recharge.

Ultimate - Stellar Insanity - Self/Light
Double Damage, Precision, 100% Recharge, 100% Heal, Extra Turn.

Design: A Combination Of Rocigon and Arch Knight. Floats.
Skill Animations:
Stellar Boost/Force/Power - Stops floating up and down. Transparent Light Sphere surrounds Ironse. Gains buffs.
Light/Iron/Ironse Slaps - Majestic floating hand appears and slaps the enemies from left to right. Light for Light Slaps. Iron for Iron Slaps. Glowing Iron for Ironse Slaps.
Power Increase/Magnification/Amplification - Same animation as the stellar moves, but the sphere surrounds all allies.
Stellar Insanity - Arena darkens. Same animation as the stellar moves. Then the arena gets insanely bright. The light level goes back to normal.
Trait Image: Bright star in the night sky. Ideally symmetrical.
Player Name: Nemistrinus Nemesis