Quest Tips

Quest Types

  1. Progressive (ex. Celestial Island or Alien Island) – to complete the progressive type events you must complete specific tasks for each dragon. You will not be able to progress to the next dragon until you complete the tasks or purchase it via gems. There are 8-hour pool times in progressive type events but instead of set time periods the pool hours are determined by the time the user empties a pool. So with this event you must pay close attention to your collection times as well as the pool times so that you are taking full advantage of your collection pieces. For a full pool on all parts it is essentially every 8-hours from the time you collect. So if you collect at 11:07 am the next collect for you would be 7:07 pm. It is easier to do it in 8-hour increments instead of separate pieces to ensure you do not miss any pieces due to collecting at the wrong time. These type of events are very time intensive, so you must make sure you stay within your collection times and collect when you hit the pool time or you will lose the opportunity to get resources.

  2. Selective (ex. Throne Island) – to complete the progressive type events you can select which dragons you want and follow the paths to reach them. With this type of event it is the paths that determine which dragons you will receive. You will receive a certain amount of items within an 8-hour time period and your event currency will increase as you complete functions within the 8-hour time pool. These events are determined by collection time periods that are based on UTC time zones. A maximum number of coins (in Throne island it was 500) are earned during each 8-hour timeframe. The Selective Island differed from the Progressive Island because it was programmed using UTC time instead of the collection times the user collected items. With the UTC timing you can collect any time within the 8-hour time period. The 8-hour window is identical for all users around the world. At the last quest they were at 10:00 am, 18:00 pm and 2:00 am. Again you can refer to the Dragon City Guide (www.dragoncityguideDOTnet) to get a map as well as the cost of the blocks along your path. One of the benefits of this event type is that is allows the user to determine which actions will net the necessary coins. For example, you can collect the Pool coins using breeding, collecting gold and hatching only. You can use any combination to get to the 500 coins. Just keep your eye on the counter so that you are not harvesting resources but have already reached your pool coins. Keep in mind there is often a delay in when the counter is updated, so do not be too quick on the trigger. For example, if you are feeding dragons, only feed a level or two at a time to give the counter a chance to update. It is up to you whether you want to open chests as you collect coins or collect several pools before opening chests. But to avoid the loss of coins with the game crashing on you, do not open too many chests at one time without saving your actions or collecting and opening too quickly. Before collecting coins at the start of a pool time, take note of what your current coin amount is, to ensure you know what amount you should be at once you collect the 500 coins.

NOTE: If you do not have any breeds or hatchings available to take off during your pool time, use one of the other action types to collect your coins.

  1. Grid (ex. Hero’s Island, Part 1 – to complete grid type events the event dragons are divided amongst separate grids for each dragon. It is similar to the progressive type in that you must complete a certain percentage of a grid before you move on. But it is also similar to selective type events in that there are collection times based on UTC time zones rather than 8-hours from the time you empty a pool.
  1. Fog (ex. Anniversary island) – Fog event types are based on a map where you have to select a path and follow it to get to the puzzle pieces of the prize dragons. Each dragon will have a set amount of pieces which must be collected before completing the dragon. You must find all pieces, once you have all the pieces except the last one, which you will be able to buy with a set amount of event currency. This event has 8-hour pool collection times based on UTC time zones. This event type will give you clues as to where the next puzzle piece is in relation to where you are located. You can follow these clues to move to your next piece.

  2. Heroic Races – with the heroic race event types you are racing against other players. You must complete laps in order to progress to get one of the three prizes. To qualify for any of the three prizes you must complete the first four laps.

  3. Maze – Collect the event currency by completing specific task in the game, such as collecting gold, harvesting farms, league fights, breeding, and hatching dragons. The more different tasks you complete; the more currency you earn. Win dragons from the maze by using your coins to progress the dragons on their path of the maze. You can claim each dragon when they reach the end of their path. Some dragons are caged and will require keys to open their cages so that they may progress on their path. These keys can be earned on the path of the previous dragons. As with previous event types the maze event type requires the user to develop a strategy to earn the dragon(s) of their choice. This event type is one that was developed for SPs sister game, Monster Legends. If this is developed the same way, then the best strategy is to select the dragons you wish to earn, then figure out the costs to make it to the keys which are needed to reach all your desired dragons. Claim all your keys and then if time and currency coins permit, go back and finish all the dragon paths until you have all your desired dragons. If the end of the event permits and you have coins available, use your excess coins to claim the paths you have not completed.

NOTE: A benefit the Monster Legends game had was a way to earn coins during the video machine and “discount” days. During discount days there were specific times during the event when the use of coins cost less than they would at full price. The discounts ranged from 10-30%. I would recommend just collecting coins and not spending any until some guides and tips are available so that you will get the most out of your currency coins.
Tasks to complete for events

NOTE: What is a pool? Before I explain the various tasks, let me first explain what the pools mean. For each event type there is a maximum amount of items you can collect within a specific timeframe, together these two components make up the pool. Once your pool is full, you can collect those maximum items. The way the items can be collected varies by event types, but they all follow the same general principal. Or if you prefer you can collect each item as it enters the pool. The preference is up to the user, however since there are usually two or more items per “node”, and they often have different pool times, it is easier to collect them when the pools are at their maximum. Most recently the pool times have been in 8-hour increments, though these times may vary by event type. It is my preference to collect in the 8-hour timeframe because that reduces the chance of collecting at the wrong time and taking the chance of missing items due to the wrong collection time.

League PvP fights – with the requirements for league fights you will be required to complete a certain amount of fights within the collection period. You must win fights to progress. With all event types except the Heroic Races, you can usually complete your 3 league fights before your cooldown period will begin before you can fight in the leagues again. However, with the Heroic Races there are usually 2 or 3 nodes back to back that have requirements for the league fights. So only fight the number of battles that you need to progress to the next node.
Collecting gold from habitats - If you have completed the Midarian tower, he is a good resource to help you generate gold quickly, but if you have harvested all your habitats but have not reached the full pool for collecting gold, go back and harvest gold from your habitats until you reach the pool. You do not have to wait for the habitats to reach the cap in order to collect from the habitat(s). You can also stick to one habitat and collect every 2 seconds, this way you’ll get all the points from the pool in a short time. No need to wait until the max gold is reached or collecting from different habitats.

Harvesting food from farms – Harvesting food from your farms varies depending on the event type. if you have to harvest a certain number of farms, then use the shortest growing type to meet the requirement. the requirement for harvesting farms varies depending on the quest. The requirement could call for harvesting a set number of farms or a set number of food items. If it is a set number of farms, then only grow by the shortest growing time, for example purchase Dragon Bells. If the requirement calls for a certain amount of food than it is best to pick the longest amount of food that you can afford. But make sure your selection is within the pool times so that you are not short changing yourself out of collections.

Breeding - Use Level 4-9 terra/flame combos with dragons that are less than level 15 to ensure you only get short timed breeds. Keep all your breeding buildings going so that you always have some eggs available at the full pool time. Also try to stick to short breeds because the hatching time is longer than the breeding time and your hatchery will fill up quicker than your breeders. Or you can breed two Archangels or two War dragons for a breeding time of 5 hours. Selling these back will give you a good gold reward ($235,000 for a War dragon). Breeding an Archangel or War dragon will give you a breeding point for 100% if there is one in the pool., so you do not have to try it again and again
Hatching eggs - Use Terra or Flame eggs, they are the cheapest and with the shortest hatch times, you can buy them for 100 gold. Depending on the percentage, you may have to hatch several eggs before you get the credit. But do not give up, you will eventually get the credit.
Feeding dragons - Keep babies around to use to meet this requirement. Most times you can get the requirements before the baby will reach level 7 or 8. But if you do not, start with a new baby dragon in order to get the most out of your food, especially if your resources are limited. You can also buy Terra dragons to meet this requirement for 100 gold, feed them to level 7 or 8, sell them then buy the next one.

Event Fights - It is a good plan to get the elements necessary to beat the event dragons ahead of time. The Dragon City Guide on dragoncityguideDOTnet is a great resource to find which dragon elements you will need to successfully beat the event fights.

NOTE: A shout out to Joseph Seeley who runs the Dragon City guide site. His hard work helps to make our gaming easier. You will be able to find event pools, requirements and everything essential to completing anything within DC at the site. And to all our forum members who share their insight and advice.