Warmaster Olymontem:

Name: Olymontem (Pronounciation: Olly-Mon-Tem). (Derived from regnator Olympi montis, latin for Olympus Mountain also known as "Olympus Mons" It is the largest mountain in the solar system).

Price: Not buyable from shop.

Type: Legendary and Earth

Rarity: Legendary

Design Inspiration:

Not breedable

A living mountain. Every time he sneezes, there's a tornado. Every time he falls over, there's probably going to be some dead things here and there. If you have him on your team, he'll kill the enemy like an avalanche!

Monstagram Stats:
Health: Green.
Power: Green.
Speed: Green
Stamina: Green.
Gold: Green.

NEW Trait: "Warmaster Olymontem" (All effects caused by this monster will ignore the enemies traits and will always land. Extremely effective against artifacts and blinders).

Ideal Use: Attack or Denial. He is a good attacker due to the amount of hard hitting attacks he has, but his trait is OP for Denial, especially with his AoE freeze move.


(DISCLAIMER-ISH) How accuracy works in monster legends: Lets say an attack has an AC of 90% and ACE of 85% for AoE stun. First, a roulette with 90 green tiles and 10 red tiles is spun, if the roulette lands on green, a second roulette is spun with 85 green tiles and 15 red tiles. If both roulette's land on green, the move will do damage and stun the monster. If the first roulette hits green, and second roulette hits red, the attack will do damage and will not stun the target. If the first roulette hits red, the attack will miss completely. Please note this is done to each enemy, not all of them as a whole, meaning 80% ACE isn't terrible, just not the best. I mean, this monster has the DEFINITE trait so who cares.

-Closed Fists: Deals large physical damage (DMG: 50%)(AC: 95%). Cooldown: 0. Stamina: 14.

-Landslide: Deals moderate earth damage (DMG: 35%)(AC: 95%). Cooldown: 0. Stamina: 16.

Level 7: Fault Line (Earth)
Deals moderate earth damage to all enemies (DMG: 40%)(AC: 90%). Cooldown: 0. Stamina: 22.

Level 10: Stunning Fists (Special):
Deals moderate special damage (DMG: 35%)(AC: 90%). Stuns the enemy (ACE: DEFINITE). Cooldown: 1. Stamina: 20.

Level 15: Avalanche: (Earth)
Deals heavy earth damage to all enemies. (DMG: 55%)(AC: 90%). Applies freeze to all enemies (ACE: DEFINITE) Cooldown: 2. Stamina: 22.

Level 20: Boulders! (Earth)
Deals very heavy earth damage (DMG: 60%)(AC: 90%). Cooldown: 1. Stamina: 23.

Level 25: Wet Mud (Earth)
Deals heavy earth damage to all enemies (DMG: 55%)(AC: 85%). Applies "Wet Mud" to target chosen for one turn (ACE: DEFINITE). Cooldown: 2. Stamina: 25.

Level 30: St Helen's (Special):
Deals moderate special damage to one enemy. (DMG: 45%)(AC: 90%). Applies burning to all enemies for two turns (ACE: DEFINITE). Cooldown: 2. Stamina: 24

Level 35: Top Of The Earth (Earth)
Gains double damage for one turn. Gains an extra turn (ACE: DEFINITE). Cooldown: 2. Stamina: 23.

Level 40: Total Collapse: (Earth)
Deals massive earth damage to one enemy (DMG: 75%)(AC: 85%). Cooldown: 2. Stamina: 30.

Level 45: Mountain Aura (Special):
All allies gain 50% stamina. Applies stamina regeneration to all allies for three turns. (ACE: DEFINITE). Cooldown: 2. Stamina: 0.

Level 50-100: Random ones from level twenty upwards not currently selected.

Special Move: "Olympus Mons" (Earth)
Deals heavy earth damage to all enemies. (DMG: 60%)(AC: 90%) Applies "Wet Mud" to all enemies for two turns. (ACE: DEFINITE).

Wet Mud: Monster becomes trapped in mud, suffocating. Deals moderate earth damage (DMG: 45%) and stuns. Can act as a mega stun if used for two turns, like in the special move.


His moves, combined with his trait, make him perhaps the best denier of all earth monsters, possible even all monsters in general. This makes him overpowered, but because of this there is no way to buy him. You just got to get a really, REALLY lucky breed.

Moveset that I personally would use:

"St Helens" Because of the Warmaster Olymontem trait, this move will always burn all targets, even if he is blind, and even if the monster is immune.

"Avalanche" With the Warmaster Olymontem trait, this is essentially a guaranteed AoE freeze.

"Total Collapse" or "Wet Mud Total Collapse is a good attack move, but Wet Mud deals damage to all enemies, and is a guaranteed damaging stun to one enemy.

"Top Of The World or Mountain Aura" Top Of The World goes well with Total Collapse and Wet Mud but Mountain Aura is a good stamina move, and costs 0 stamina.

So, too overpowered even for a Warmaster?

Which is better, Warmaster Barbael of Warmaster Olymontem?

It would be cool if it got added though... well for other people anyway xD 😉


Is it just me or is this fan art for another game suspiciously similar to Vadamagma?