I personally really love Glitch he's one of my favorite legends, but I wouldn't consider his skills to be video-game related, and would love to see them renamed to be more related to that. Kinda like how recently Undertaker's skills were all renamed to fit better for him. Here's a thought on possible skill renames.

Hack into Glitch

Slash into Corrupt

This is a reference to a very unstable bug in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, and thought it really fit being an Ultimate for a glitch monster.

Skill Group 1
Worm Hole into Invisible Barrel
This reference to Donkey Kong Country 2's infamous invisible barrel bug cause on a stage that breaks your game beyond repair. Due to the wide variety of effects this glitch can have it fits the skills random negative effect, effect.

Trojan Horse into Anti-Piracy Abuse
This is a reference to how the game glitches are sometimes are caused by anti piracy measures.

Bash Key into Negative Realm
This is a reference to the Minus World from Mario 1.

Skill Group 2
Reset Button into Draining Ooze
This is reference to how Action 52's Ooze was uncompletable due to a bug. Due to how much of a scam it was this fits the stamina draining aspect of the skill.

Base Injection into Corruptive Illness
This is a reference to the Corruptive Blood incident that happened in World of Warcraft due to a bug. This fits the Damage over time part of the skill.

Removal Bug into Progress Removal
This is reference to all kinds a video-game bugs that remove your progress. This fits the the positive effect removal part of the skill.

Skill group 3
Backdoor Intrusion into M's Exploit
This is a reference to M, and Missingno's ability to duplicate your 6th item from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. This fits the skills healing self factor.

DDoS into Cartridge Tilting
This is a reference to how game cartridge tilting can cause random side effects in a game. This fits the skill's ability to inflict a random negative effect.

Kill Switch into Data Corruption
This is reference to all kinds of data corruption bugs found in video-games. This fits the fact the skill inflicts corrupt status effect on target.

That's my thoughts on some possible new skill names for Glitch, anyone else got any better move names.