• Every time you beat a level on the adventure map between 300-Current Highest Level (Levels 1-200 are too easy considering how when you restart you'll have a full team of level 100 legendaries) your Potential Prestige goes up by 0.02. It does not go up completing a level you've already completed, unless it is your first time doing the level after the new prestige update.

  • When your potential prestige reaches one (1.00), you gain one prestige point.

  • Your prestige point can be used to refresh your adventure map progress (Replay-ability = More resources = more use for the adventure map since an island comes out randomly every two weeks or trillion years :D) or perform a bonus.

Prices & Effects:

  • Refresh the adventure map.
    Cost: 1 Prestige Point.
    Description: Sets you back to level one. At first, this seems useless, but when you reach higher levels again, you can get massive food rewards like 500,000 per level again!

  • Food Bonus:
    Cost: 1 Prestige Point.
    Description: All farms produce 5% more food.
    Maxes out at 100%

  • Gold Bonus:
    Cost: 1 Prestige Point.
    Description: All monsters produce 5% more gold.
    Maxes out at 100%

  • War Bonus:
    Cost: 5 Prestige Points (AKA; A lot of grinding).
    Description: All rewards from wars are doubled.
    Not Re-Purchasable.

  • Hatchery Bonus:
    Cost: 3 Prestige Points.
    Description: All hatching's take 10% less time.
    Maxes out at 30%

  • Breeding Bonus:
    Cost: 2 Prestige Points.
    Description: All breeding's take 5% less time.
    Not Re-Purchasable because this combined with the breeding temple is OP.

  • Discount Bonus:
    Cost: 2 Prestige Points.
    Description: All non-payable items (items payed with food, gold, etc not gems) receive a 5% discount.
    Maxes out at 25%

Little message regarding "New Monster Ideas"

All New Monster Idea Posts will be at the "Creativity" section. Not many people even care about that section, but there you go, now maybe a few people might care more about it.