I know already exist Dungeons but...why not exist Progressive Rune Weekend Chalange? Is like progressive islands but for runes.We all know is hard for low level players to get runes lvl 5 + . We can buy from Team Shop runes but only Team Runes. My ideea is to create every week in weekend for 3 days this events. There will be for example : This weekend Speed runes. For lvl 5 rune (15 gold/12 feed/2 breed); lvl 6 rune (25 gold/15 feed/3 breed/2 hatch); lvl 7 rune(35 gold/25 feed/4 batles-1 hour wait for new batle/5 breed/5 hatch). And become hard for lvl 8,9,10 runes. In this way a lot more players will be active and competition will become equal kind off. Is possible also this events to be for 5 days and be in the same time when are Maze events. Anyway to get maze coins we colect gold,feed,breed and hatch.So...will can be a double event,kind off. In my opinion this will be a big update.