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Ruined Tower Island Event Story

The Skeleton King was once the richest inhabitant of Dragon City, owning an incredible tower completely full of treasures. He would spend entire days swimming in pools of gold and counting his Gems. He was happy and his tummy was always full of the juiciest tomatoes.

Unfortunately, with time, he became isolated from his fellow dragons, increasingly obsessed in protecting his treasures. But all dragons need love and company so… over the past few centuries, the tower has become dust, and the king so consumed with his wealth and so lonely, has become a skeleton. He was so blinded by greed that he didn’t realize that the treasure was long gone, just a distant memory!

But, let's not judge a book by its cover, he used to be a very charitable and caring Dragon, he was always looking out for his community, he built and maintained many food farms and threw the best parties that Dragon City had ever seen!

Can we free him of his illusion and his greed? It is now up to you Dragon Master, climb the Ruined tower, face the Skeleton King and save him!