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Dragon Masters!

It’s time to reveal the event lineup for JULY!

This month, we will be having a very special event... a brand new storytelling event for Dragon City! The Race for the Dragonverse will start very soon, so get ready for it to keep writing your #DragonCityStory!

By the way, didn't you watch the video trailer yet? -> Click HERE

Quick Event Overview:

  • 2 July - 6 July: Ruined Tower Island Event

  • 6 JULY - 6 AUGUST: Race for the Dragonverse #DragonCityStory Event!

    • 6 July - 21 July: Fae Land Event
    • 6 July - 21 July: Race for the Dragonverse CALENDAR! Check the game every day for rewards!
    • 21 July - 25 July: Fae Queen Castle Event Island
    • 25 July - 6 August: Heroic Race- Yggdrasil!

More information and details about the Race for the Dragonverse Event coming soon. Stay tuned! 😉

There will also be many offers coming this month, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want/need!

We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys! We hope you enjoy it!

See you back on the islands!