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Dear community,

A few weeks ago, we asked you guys to send us your doubts or questions in regards the Recall & Empower features via our Facebook page and also our Youtube Community page.

Well, thank you all so much for your questions! Today, as promised, we have answers for you from our lead game designer. 🙂

Keep reading and check out the answers below!


This is Rémi Vaillancourt, Lead Game Designer, answering your questions today!

Here we go!

  • Q: The recalling duration is too long. Are you guys going to add/change something?

We want to make recalling and empowering feel rewarding and a long term objective, so the times might seem long for some dragons. However, we will have regular events lowering these times to help you.

Hint: Did you know the time to recall and empower is based on the hatch time?

  • Q: Are we going to do, like in ML, give the option to ‘Rent’ Recall & Empower slots so players can add Dragons to the ‘queue’?

We currently are not planning to add this kind of feature within Dragon City.

  • Q: I want to Empower my Heroic Dragons! How can we get heroic orbs for the Dragon I want to Empower? (I want to know that how to get heroic orb easily without up to lap 45 because it's impossible)

Heroic Dragons have always been the hardest to get! However, we will make sure you can get heroic orbs in each heroic and alliance race to start empowering them!

Hint: Did you know leveling dragons increases the amount of orbs you get in recall?

  • Q: EMPOWER?? - How if you never offer the ORBS of the dragons I want to EMPOWER????

A lot of dragons have static sources. We have upgraded the source system in the dragon book to help you find just the right dragon for you.

  • Breeding, Ancient world and Breeding Sanctuary dragons can be bred multiple time then recalled to get orbs.
  • PVP Arena dragon orbs are won after winning in PVP or through the Warrior’s chest.
  • Shop dragon might seem basic, but they can easily be empowered since they are bought in gold.
  • Alliance chest are repeated every few days and gives specific orbs to empower primals.
  • Dragon Collection dragons cannot be empowered… for now!
  • More static source of orbs are being developed right now.

We understand some of your favorites dragons might be time-limited, but we are repeating the same dragons in different events and offers for you to be able to empower them! Keep looking!

  • Q: Uncap the amount of habitats & farms, you're making it impossible to continue breeding or growing!!

The amount of farms is based on a lot of calculations to make Dragon City progression just right. However, we do understand the need of food and we are working on a new feature to help with that.

The amount of habitats is due to technical limitations. We are constantly upgrading this and we will be able to increase the habitat limit soon!

  • “Q: We should be able to buy more farms for food . It is ridiculous to have so many dragons and so little food”!!! We needs more forms to obtain much food

We do not plan to increase the amount of farms, however, we are working on new ways to acquire food. 😉

  • Q: I want to know the specifics for empowering dragons. My Destiny dragon has 14% boost. I have empowered it twice. While my Pure dragon also has a 14% boost even though I only empowered it once. Why is that?

The strength a dragon gets from empowering is different per rarity.

For example, currently, a Very Rare Grade 5 as about the same stats has an epic grade 4. However, a common grade 5 only reaches the strength of a rare grade 3! Play and experiment with the feature to find your ideal team!

  • Q: Release issue -> Is the problem with empowering dragons then losing your master points fixed?

This issue has been fixed! We are also working on making this calculation even better.

  • Q: Hackers problem: Before updating the game listen first and eliminate the hackers, before continuing to modify the game listen and eliminate the hackers!!!!!!! review the reports and eliminate the hackers!!!!!!

We understand that hackers are a problem and are working to find solutions towards this problem.

  • Q: Add more Leagues!!! Or more Permanent Quest with new Rewards!

We are not planning on adding new leagues, however, new permanent quests are in the works.

  • Q: Please add new collections. There are too many dragons without collection!

We are currently working on completely rebalancing the dragon collection system using the new empower feature. So stay tuned!

Thanks a lot for all your questions!


Rémi Vaillancourt
Lead Game Design

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