Top 100 race team OFFERED (WeWinRaces 13), we have room for up to 10 active players or can discuss a merge/mini-merge. We hit 50 laps in the grand prix event. We run b2b wars, trade cells freely, and win top race rewards every race. All we ask is that you are ACTIVE and that you save 250-300 gems for every race in case the race monster is good enough to justify shooting for 50 laps again.

To expand on the above:

We are a team of very active and highly experienced players, and our team has been around (with different names) for two years. We have won 15+ races and titan events in a row and periodically need to say goodbye to players who stop playing or who stop saving gems for team events and instead start spending all of their gems on themselves. Some of us use almost all of our resources for the team and can't stomach any free rides.

Fortunately, the heaviest dead weight has been removed and now we are once again all on the same page and rocking and rolling, firing on all cylinders.

Culling the herd has left us with room for solid players with good war teams who want to keep winning max race rewards. Again, we ask that between races you save 250-300 gems so that everyone can buy at least one epic node if necessary.

I personally spent well over 1,000 gems on the last race and bought 6 epic nodes, and I'm not the only one on the team who did that, so asking each member to be ready to buy 1 epic node is only fair.

If the race monster isn't amazing, we won't push for 50 laps and will settle for a rank-3. If they change the race rewards system and the race dynamics again for the next race, we'll re-evaluate the strategy and do whatever wins our faithful teammates the best rewards for the best value. But again, we've won top rewards in every race/event for the last year now and don't intend to stop unless the race monster is average and the gem grab is just too offensive.

If you're interested, and if you can generally show war teams with ranked monsters (ideally lvl 115 in many books) and lvl VI+ runes then hit me up. We are super active, in it for the long haul, and very welcoming. Unless you join, say nothing, request cells, and then complain about not getting donations. Then maybe not so welcoming, but otherwise if you're active and pulling your weight I can almost guarantee you will never want to look for another team.

Contact me on Facebook at Sputnik Evolver (New York), reply here with a Band/Line ID, or come find me in the game. My game details are below.

To see what the deal is, search team WeWinRaces 13. Check our race log, 50 laps in grand prix. Check some of our top player's profiles. I'm Sputnik Evolving

You might be saying to yourself "isn't this post totally different than it was a few days ago?" You might then fairly assume that the players that were dragging the team down at that time have been worked out, and that we are now jamming like old times.

<edited to be a recruiting/merge search post>