Some of you might have experienced some technical issues over the weekend. Monster Legends team is aware and working on a fix. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will be extending some of the events as we know some of you couldn’t properly participate due to the issues.

  • We will extend Lucky Chest until Friday, July 13th.
  • WUFU blessing will be extended until Wednesday, July 11th 12 pm (CEST). Which means that the final rewards will be given out on Wednesday as well when the Blessing finishes.
  • There will be a special discount for Maze moves (30%), July 10th 18 pm (CEST).

If you have had issues with purchases, please, read below!

If you haven’t received Lucky Chest Maze Coins or Lucky Chest & Super Lucky chest after you purchased them, please, RESTART the game two times!

This should allow the items to be credited to your account. Make sure you check your storage to see the chests.

If you have received different item, please, wait for an in-game pop-up message that will grant you the correct one.

If you encounter any other issues. Let our customer service team know and they will help you as soon as possible.

We would like to apologize once again for the issues over the past weekend and we hope the event extensions will help you for any problems you might have experienced.

Monster Legends Team