Greetings, Monster Masters!

The race for Prince Charmless will begin on Thursday, July 12th!

This Team Race will have the same format as the Grand Prix Team Race which means there will be tiered rewards for laps completed and special rewards for the placements in your groups.

How to get him into your monster army? Check the rewards below.
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0_1531391086535_Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.24.02.png

0_1531391117280_Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.24.58.png

Prepare to race hard teams as the TOP 500 teams in the global rankings of the Team Race, Road to Olympus, will get access to a special Olympus Team Race in which they will compete against each other for amazing rewards!

However, back to our Prince Charmless. This frog lived his whole life in the gardens of King Daeron and Queen Luthien’s castle. All he wanted was to become a charming Prince. One day, he convinced Bella Baal to kiss him and help him realize his dream, but when she did he didn’t become a charming Prince, but Prince Charmless. Maybe he should’ve known that kissing a Monster Princess will never make you a human Prince!

Prince Charmless is a Nature attacker and extra turner with impressive skills that can apply Poison and Nature Weakness! He has a very special trait: Hardened and Immune to Poison!