The Pure Monsters

So far, there are four monster types in monster legends; Normal, VIP, Nemesis and WarMaster. The pure monsters would be the fifth type.

There would only be four pure monsters in the game, each one representing a different type of stat. One would be the pure form of power, one would be the pure form of health, one would be the pure form of speed and one would be the pure form of stamina.

The pure form of power wouldn't have too much health or speed, but his power would be the greatest in the game, and his moves would show this. His elements would be Legendary and Fire or Legendary and Earth.

The pure form of health would have above average speed, very little power and would have the largest amount of health in the game. It would serve as a very good support monster, shown by its moves and trait. Its elements would be either Legendary and Water or Legendary and Nature.

The pure form of speed would have the highest speed in the game, decent power and below average health (nothing a health rune can't fix). They would have lots of extra turn moves and would often stun or slowen the enemy. They would also have mass haste moves. Its elements would be Legendary and Thunder or Legendary and Metal

The pure form of stamina would have 180 stamina rather than 140, and its moves would all involve either stamina regeneration, stamina leak or directly removing stamina from an enemy. Its speed would be high along with its health, and its power would be average. Its elements would be Legendary and Light, or Legendary and Magic.

The pure monsters would be unlocked via Pure Dungeons. These dungeons are like WarMaster dungeons but they are linked to the Pure monster. For example, all enemies in the pure health dungeon would have higher health.

I was going to do a mega thread with monster idea stuff but, writers block.