Greetings, Monster Masters!

After a few rounds of Nemesis dungeons its the time to step up the Nemesis game, with Survival dungeons!

On Friday, July 20th, Nemesis survival dungeon will be open for everyone who owns Nemesis and is minimum level 15. You can look forward to some juicy rewards.

Duration: Friday, July 20th to Monday, July 23th.

The only requirement is to own Nemesis but we have some recommendations based on the node difficulty. However, if you are brave enough you can try with any rank of a Nemesis.

Keep in mind that you can use only 1 copy of each Nemesis.
Node 1 - 4: Nemesis Rank 0
Node 5 - 9: Nemesis Rank 1
Node 10 - 14: Nemesis Rank 2
Node 15 - 19: Nemesis Rank 3
Node 20 - 24: Nemesis Rank 4
Node 25 - 30: Nemesis Rank 5

Each node will have a different reward. The further you get the bigger the reward will be until the last node which will have a DIAMOND Relic.
You will be able to win some Food, Gold, Gems but also Heroic Orbs or Elementium.