So you know how there are better monsters then a legendary? (VIP, Nemesis, and War Masters)

Well, there should be a extra unique elements too! It would be call something like “exotic” and the monster will be strong against all other elements making it truly “exotic” or just overall very powerful?

The skills they will have won’t be have special effects, just normal damage skills? And a very special idea for them is to have no immunity, and other elements will be able to be strong against them too!

So in a more simple way to put it:

Element: Exotic

Immunities: All the same, they are immune to nothing.

Strong against/weak against: Strong against all, weak against all!

Skill abilities: Only normal damage attacks!

Special skills: Only special effect attacks (no damage)

They would add some more strategy to the game overall?

Thanks for reading, hope you consider add this.. (highly likely you won’t lol)