This peaceful dragon is part of the forest. His incredible healing and protective powers are famous! If you want to get an extra bottle of his magical sap, bribe him with pancakes.

Drekk is just another basic nature healer, but not like other basic healers. For he's got high cooldowns, and bland skills. For him supposedly having incredible healing powers that are famous.

Drekk's power is 3,069 which is really bad. I this power is on with OG legends. However this does make sense, since he is supposed to be a peaceful dragon. However maybe increasing it to 3,267 could be worth doing.
Drekk's life is 29,255 which is pretty good. I mean for a nature legend it's average, but it's still really good, allowing him to beable to stay alive. Which is really what you want with him.
Drekk's speed is 3,454 which is decent. I feel like due to his lean design he would be better if he has a base speed of 3,476. Considering how the meta is gradually making monsters faster, and faster.

Relic Slots
Drekk has double Essence slots. Overall they work well for Drekk being a healer, and allow for great self + ally sustaining. I mean Essence does have the best relic in the game being Uriel's Essence. Allowing Drekk to revive after death, so that's really nice.

This is really where he falls apart. His skills are pretty bland, and honestly make Drekk not worth using at all. Kinda similar to Hayman in a way. Guess you can call Drekk Nature's Hayman.

"Winds of the Forest" Deals very heavy Nature damage to all enemies. May Poison all targets.
Power=65, Stamina=0, Cooldown=0
Effect=Area Effect + Poison
Overall this ultimate just doesn't work for Drekk due to his insanely low power. I mean area poison is nice, but it feels kinda lacking for an Ultimate. How about we fix that. -> "Winds of the Forest" Deals very heavy Special damage to all enemies. Applies Poison to all enemies. Heals all allies by 50%.
Power=65, Stamina=0, Cooldown=0
Effect=Area Effect + Poison + 50% Heal
This would allow Drekk to deal decent damage to nature legends with his ultimate, and support his team. By healing his allies 50%, and poisoning the enemy team.

Skill Group 1
I'm only to talk about one skill, and that is "Spinning Heads"50% chance of Dazing all enemies. Heals by 10% each monster hit. Requires cooldown.
Power=0, Stamina=31, Cooldown=1
Due to the buffs I'm about to go over; This skill honestly should be nerfed to a 2 turn cooldown instead of 1. Due to it being alittle too powerful defensively.

Skill Group 2
"Poison Knock" Deals heavy Nature damage. May Poison target. Requires cooldown.
Power=50, Stamina=28, Cooldown=1
Effect=Poisons one enemy
This skill honestly really kinda mediocre. I mean Drekk is a full on support monster, and a single poison with damage isn't great. However I got a neat idea for this skill. -> "Poison Knock" Deals heavy Special damage to one enemy. Applies Poison to one enemy, and Taunt to itself. Requires cooldown.
Power=50, Stamina=31, Cooldown=2
Effect=Poisons one enemy + Self Taunt
Think this would be a more interesting skill then the orignal one. I mean a knock is defined by a sound to attract attention at a door. So being a self taunt kinda makes sense for the skill. This would allow Drekk to soak hits for his team, and keep them from damage.

"Bark Remedy" Target Heals by 40%. Requires cooldown.
Power=0, Stamina=24, Cooldown=3
Effect=40% Heal Ally
This is just your basic 40% ally heal older monster had, but get it for a higher cooldown then average. Honestly got a better idea for this skill. -> "Bark Remedy" Applies Increased Healing to all allies. Applies Life Regeneration to all allies. Requires cooldown.
Power=0, Stamina=29, Cooldown=3
Effect=Increased Healing + Life Regen. to all allies
Yeah it's not an immediate heal like the original skill, but like the idea of it being a self substaining skill. I mean you can use this at the start of the game, and whenever your allies take damage they're healed 30% when it becomes their turn. Which is quite helpful allowing Drekk to use its turns for helping chip at the enemy.

"Fireproof Bark" All allies become Immune to Burning for 4 turns.
Power=0, Stamina=36, Cooldown=4
Effect=Burn Immunity to all allies
This has to be one of the worst skills in the game. A 4 turn cooldown immunity to burning to just your allies due to the fact your immune to burning. Why is a skill like this in the game! Where's what it should be. -> "Fireproof Bark" Applies Fire Protection, and Immunity to Burning to all allies. Requires cooldown.
Power=0, Stamina=26, Cooldown=3
Effect=Fire Protection + Immunity to Burning to all allies
This is really what a skill called "Fireproof Bark" should really do. This would also make Drekk take neutral damage from fire attacks which would help with his bulk, and healing abilities.

Skill Group 3
"Circle of Life" Deals heavy Nature damage. Heals by 20%. Requires cooldown.
Power=50, Stamina=27, Cooldown=2
Effect=20% Heal Self
Honestly its a very generic skill for an older nature healer. I'd really like this to be more interesting. -> "Circle of Life" Deals moderate Nature damage to all enemies. Heals all allies by 30%. Requires cooldown.
Power=30, Stamina=39, Cooldown=3
Effect=Area Effect + 30% Heal
This would be a literal "Circle of Life" (Kinda) being 30 base power, and heals allies 30%. Plus it would be an interesting skill for only Dusk Aura has a skill like this. Giving Drekk a unique type of healing skill.

"Homeopathy" All targets Heal by 30%. Requires cooldown.
Power=0, Stamina=29, Cooldown=4
Honestly just a really bad healing skill by today's standards, but even back then it had an absurdly high cooldown for it's effect. I think we can make it alot different. -> "Homeopathy" Heals 40% life to one ally, and the caster. Removes all their negative effects. Requires cooldown.
Power=0, Stamina=33, Cooldown=3
This really fits more for what Homeopathy was. It was the idea that what made an illness happen in a healthy person can be used to help sick people. Plus it's just better, I'd rather have 2 monsters be healed, and remove their negative effects. Then heal all 3 for only a basic heal.

Finally we've got "Leaf Hammer" Deals heavy Special damage. May Daze target.
Power=50, Stamina=28, Cooldown=0
Effect=Dazes one enemy
Honestly this was Drekk's best skill originally. I mean 0cd Daze made this a skill you could use to decrease an enemies power allowing for you to take less damage. However I feel like it should be changed into this. -> "Leaf Hammer" Deals heavy Nature damage to one enemy. Applies Stun to one enemy.
Power=50, Stamina=28, Cooldown=0
Effect=Stuns one enemy
Overall this skill sounds like it would stun an enemy, and not daze it. However if it were 0 turn cooldown stun I feel like he'd be alittle too strong. So it should become nature based. As a way to make it not as good stall option when dealing with your own nature legend on defense team.

I'm honestly fine with Drekk being Immune to Burning. For in the current meta it's not that bad. Learnean at 115 has "Confluent Power" that does apply burn to your monsters. With both these monsters being the the Dragons book they'll likely be meeting each other. Also burning just becoming more accessible to monsters outside of fire monsters. Being a healer, immunity to one of the strongest DOT effects is actually quite nice.

Overall these changes would make Drekk more interesting, and a way better healer. I mean he isn't awful now, but he isn't anything like his description implies.