Ape-X was the 2nd Premier monster ever released, and he honestly was kinda disappointing. Real issue is high cooldowns, and just being another Nature tank which wasn't needed at the time. I mean the element by this point needed more full on attackers, and controllers. Which was why Nature was overall the worst element in the game by the point. However I feel like with changes Ape-X would be alot better.

Ape-X has a power of 3,509. This was actually 2nd highest power for all Natures at the time. Even now its still a really good power for Nature legends.
Ape-X has a life of 31,969. This is a really good life making him incredibly hard to kill.
Apex-X has a speed of 3,388. Which was the average for attackers at the time. Overall pretty great stats.

Ape-X is Immune to Burning. Which honestly isn't as good of a trait as it is on Drekk. I mean for Drekk you deal with more Fire monsters, but also Learnean due to him being the Dragons book. However Ape-X being in only Good Legions means there is very little Fire monsters, and burning skills in general. Honestly Ape-X should have a new trait; Hardened + Immune to Burning. I mean he is one of the only monsters that looks like he would have Hardened. With double traits now being a thing this would be a nice way to show it.

Relic Slots
Ape-X has a Sword slot, and Essence slot. Overall mixed about these slots. Sword is really bad overall for Ape-X, due to the fact it only benefits from Jakugen Sword by itself. However Essence is really good. It allows for Ape-X to keep himself, and his team's life sustained. Also if your lucky enough, you can give Ape-X the Uriel's Essence.
I feel like though these Relic slots don't make much sense for Ape-X. I feel like he'd would equip Staff, and Armor Relic slots. Due to his design having a Staff (Technically a Hammer, but it looks like a Staff), and him wearing Armor.

Ape-X has high cooldowns for his skill effects. Plus they just are typical skills a Nature tank had at the time. Overall it would be nice if he got some buffs. Starting off with his Ultimate.

"Protector of the Jungle" Deals very heavy Nature damage. Heals 10% for each enemy hit. May give Regeneration to all allies.
Power=65, Stamina=0
Overall a decent Ultimate. I mean you do good damage, heal at least 10% of your life, and give all your allies life regeneration. However I feel like it could be better. -> "Protector of the Jungle" Deals very heavy Nature to all enemies. Applies Life Regeneration to all allies. Heals all allies 20% for each enemy hit.
Power=65, Stamina=0
This would be more fitting of an Ultimate called "Protector of the Jungle" if it healed all your allies instead of just yourself. Also due to Ultimate not being obtained when all enemies are alive. It healing 10% more life would just be way better.

Skill Group 1
Due to these skills not being worth running I'll quickly go over them. How they should be changed.

"Venomous Vines" Deals moderate Special damage. 50% chance of Poisoning target. -> "Venomous Vines" Deals moderate Nature damage to one enemy. 50% chance of applying Poison to one enemy.
Power=30, Stamina=26

"Vengeful Wilderness" Deals low Nature damage to all enemies. Requires cooldown. -> "Vengeful Wilderness" Deals moderate Nature damage to all enemies.
Power=30, Stamina=32

"Restoring Strike" Deals low Nature damage. Heals by 10%. -> "Restoring Strike" Deals moderate Special to one enemy. Heals itself by 10%.
Power=35, Stamina=26

Skill Group 2
"Mysterious Toxins" Deals heavy Special damage. May Poison target. Requires cooldown.
Power=50, Stamina=28, Cooldown=2
Overall this skill has a good effect, and power. However the cooldown really kills it. Here's what it should be. -> "Mysterious Toxins" Deals heavy Special damage to one enemy. Applies Poison to one enemy.
Power=50, Stamina=30, Cooldown=0
This would give Ape-X a spam-able Special attack which for a Nature attacker is practically a must have. Due to how tanky Nature monsters are.

"Rise, Ally!" Target Heals by 40%. Requires cooldown.
Stamina=24, Cooldown=3
Overall just a high cooldown 40% heal to a single ally. I mean Nemestrinus has this type of skill for 1 turn cooldown! However doesn't sound like it would do this. -> "Rise, Ally!" Resurrects one ally with 50% Life. Requires cooldown.
Stamina=31, Cooldown=3
Doesn't a skill called "Rise Ally!" sound like it would revive an ally. Honestly it would be really cool if Ape-X could revive a dead ally. Would give him something over other Nature legends.

"Wild Venom" Deals low Nature damage to all enemies. May Poison all targets. Requires cooldown.
Power=30, Stamina=35, Cooldown=2
Honestly really like this skill. However feel like it needs higher power to allow Ape-X to benefit from his high power stat. -> "Wild Venom" Deals moderate Nature to all enemies. Applies Poison to all enemies. Requires cooldown.
Power=40, Stamina=36, Cooldown=3
This would be better balanced. It be 10 base power stronger, but it would have a higher cooldown.

Skill Group 3
"The Jungle Lives" Deals heavy Special damage. Heals by 25%. Requires cooldown.
Power=55, Stamina=30, Cooldown=2
Overall really like this skill. I mean does good damage, and heals himself good amount of life. However it needs a better description, and an added exclamation point. -> "The Jungle Lives!" Deals heavy Special damage to one enemy. Heals itself by 25%. Requires cooldown.

"Mend the Wounded!" All targets Heal by 30%. Requires cooldown.
Stamina=29, Cooldown=3
Overall like "Rise Ally!" high cooldown for an effect that's on other monsters for lower. I mean Nemestrinus has a 35% heal for a 2 turn cooldown. However I feel like 1 minor change would make this skill worth cooldown. -> "Mend the Wounded!" Heals all allies by 30%. Removes all negative status effects from all allies. Requires Cooldown.
Stamina=33, Cooldown=3
This would be way better for Ape-X. I mean only Living Forest has a skill like this in the Nature element.

Finally we have "Survival of the Fittest" Deals heavy Nature damage. May Poison target. Heals by 20%. Requires cooldown.
Power=55, Stamina=33, Cooldown=4
Overall this is just a way weaker version of "The Jungle Lives". I mean just because it poisons doesn't make the skill worth a weaker heal + 2 extra turns of cooldown. However here what would be worth a 4 turn cooldown. -> "Survival of the Fittest" Deals very heavy Nature damage to one enemy. Heals itself by 50%. Requires cooldown.
Power=60, Stamina=40, Cooldown=4
This would be "Survival of the Fittest" in the the way it makes Ape-X very hard to kill. Unless you got monsters with Negative Healing, or Negate Healing. Which are becoming more common.

Overall this would make Ape-X alot more interesting. Next monster for this series of posts will be Singularis.