Greetings Monster Masters!

The 72-hour Challenge is here and with it comes some small changes based on the community feedback. Since this event has always been a staple for Monster Legends, we want to make it fun and balanced for everyone.

Therefore, we would like to inform you of the changes. Please read the text below:

Collecting 72h Challenge Coins
We have introduced reverse progressive coin collection.

The main issue we faced with Challenge coins generation was that some players managed to optimize their resource generation to a point where the balancing for their level was too easy, generating enough coins to complete the event many times.

Our aim is that all players can collect enough coins to obtain a legendary monster in the Challenge, but we would like to avoid such disparities in balancing.

We have introduced a system that affects coins generation based on the amount of coins collected so far, with this we expect top coin collectors to have a similar output to players with harder balancings.

Additionally, to counter the effect that the system will have on all players, we have reduced the amount of resources necessary to obtain coins.

It is possible to get the monster even with your first card flip!