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Dragon Masters!

We really hope that you have been enjoying the Race for the Dragonverse event! The very last part of the event is on now and we will be starting the month racing to save not just Yggdrasil, but the nature in the Dragonverse and in Dragon City (Save the Tree of Life guys!)!

By the way, have you watched the storytelling videos yet? -> Click HERE

It’s time to reveal the event lineup for AUGUST! Fasten your seatbelt dear community, this month we would like to give you many different events for you to choose from and enjoy the ones you WANT or NEED the most!

Let’s have a quick Events Overview:

  • 6 JULY - 6 AUGUST: Last part of the Race for the Dragonverse #DragonCityStory Event!
    • 25 July - 6 August: Heroic Race: Let’s save Yggdrasil!
  • 6 Aug - 10 Sep: A very special Team is coming back to Dragon city… 😮
    Many of you have asked for them… a new opportunity to claim them and/or to EMPOWER them… The LEGENDS OF DEUS ARE COMING BACK!
    • A 5-week long event: 1 week for each Legend of Deus! Don’t miss the chance to claim them and to Empower them!!
    • There will be many Temporary Quests and Breeding Events to claim the Dragons!
    • Also, you will be able to find orbs of the dragons in the event islands running alongside PLUS, watch out for them in the freebies island!
    • For the Special Breeding combinations, be sure to check the game news or our community sites!
  • 6 Aug- 13 Aug: Moon Elevator Island Event (with 4 NEW Dragons). Also, orbs of Draluxe and Dragem can be found!

  • 10 Aug - 12 Aug: Recall and Empower Event!

  • 10 Aug - 13 Aug: The FOOD Race!
    We hear you guys asking for more FOOD. We want to give you the option to play a different event (similar mehanics as a Heroic Race) to get lots of FOOD as rewards! Yummy!!!
  • 13 August - 23 August: Wasteland Rescue Island Event (with 4 NEW Dragons) Also, orbs of Draluxe and Dragem can be found!
    We will be running (during the same dates):
    • VIP Breeding Event
    • Triple Breeding Event
  • 18 Aug - 20 Aug: Recall and Empower Event!

  • 23 Aug - 26 Aug: Food Temp Quest! - Yes, more food for your hungry dragons!

  • 23 Aug - 3 Sep: Heroic Race!
    Heroic Race: Luxury Cruise with the NEW Heroic High Commander Dragon!

  • 25 Aug - 10 Sep: Back to school CALENDAR!
    Check your islands every day for FREE rewards!! Don't miss a day, or you will not get enough Orbs to summon the Dandy Dragon!

During this month, we will be offering you other special Temporary Quests and Dragon Orbs Days!

ALSO, there will be many offers coming this month, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want/need!

We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys! We hope you enjoy it!

And remember guys, keep writing your #DragonCityStory!

See you back on the islands!