A New Prince , Skill set

Name: Princess Nyla
Rarity: Legendary
Element: Nature
Trait: Prince - Immune to all stuns and freezes.
Desc: I need Desc Idea's Please!

Default Skills:

Touchy Touch - One Target
Deals low Damage to one target.

Skiping is Alright - One Target
Deals Very Heavy Nature damage to One Target.

Ult: Insane Nature - AOE
Gains Triple damage, Than Deals Massive Special Damage to all targets. (MAY INSTA-KILL ALL TARGETS) Applies Stun or freeze or Confusion

Group 1:

DeNoDeMo - One Target
Deals low nature damage to One target, May Poison targets.

Desno - One Target
Deals Low Nature Damage to One Target, May Apply Instant Death. Requires cooldown

Do not Enter Today - AOE
Deals Moderate Nature To all targets. May Confuse all targets. Requires cooldown.

Group 2:

Give Me your Phone - One Target
Deals Massive Nature damage to one target. Requires cooldown.

Phone Number Love - One Target
Deals Insane Nature damage to one target. Applies Poison to all targets. Requires cooldown.

Leaf Leaf - One Ally
Applies Double damage to One Ally. Requires cooldown.

Group 3:

Tree’s Life - One Target
Deals low Special damage to one target. Heals self by 15%. Requires cooldown.

Duo’s Date - One Ally
Deals No Damage and applies Triple damage to One Ally

Date time - One Target
Deals Extreme Special Damage to one target. Requires cooldown.

I like the idea and I hope it gives you a great Idea!

  • 1 more Idea: Make A Grand Race for Old Monsters what could be contained in the old Team Races, Like Shork, Make a Grand Race .
  • These Events are 6-7 days long.
  1. Points event, This Event you must collect as much points as possable to Qualify. You need 5k Points(You can change it if you want) 8 placements not in teams. No teams needed.
  2. Rewards:
  • 1st A Legendary Chest(Contains 1 random Legendary) The Grand Prize Monster(Rank 3)
  • 2nd A Legendary Chest(Contains 1 Random Legendary) The Grand Prize Monster (Rank 2)
  • 3rd 4x Epic Chest(Contains 1 Random Epic) The Grand Prize Monster(Rank 0)
  • 4th 3x Epic Chest(Contains 1 Random Epic) 100 Gems, Cells Chest(Contains 100 Random Cells of a Legendary).
  • 5th 2x Epic Chest(Contains 1 Random Epic) 75 Gems, Cells Chest2(Contains 80 Random Cells of Different Legendaries.
  • 6th 1x Epic Chest(Contains 1 Random Epic) 50 Gems, Cells Chest3(Contains 50 Random Cells Of Different Legendaries.
  • 7th 2x Rare Chest(Contains 1 Rare & 50 Rare Monster Cells) 25 Gems.
  • 8th 1x Rare Chest(Contains 1 Rare & 50 Rare Monster Cells) 10 Gems.

Actions to Earn Points

  • Collect Gold - 10 Points per click - No Timer.
  • Collect Food - 10 Points per click - No Timer
  • Breed Monsters - 25 Points - 30 Seconds
  • Hatch Commons - 10 Points - No Timer
  • Hatch Uncommons - 15 Points - No Timer
  • Hatch Rares - 25 Points - 15 Seconds
  • Hatch Epics - 50 Points - 3 Minutes
  • Hatch Legendaries - 250 Points - 2 Days
  • PvP - 25 Points - No Timer
  • PvP Win - 50 Points - No Timer
  • PvP Loss - 25 Points - No Timer
  • Battle In The Adventure Map - 25 Points - 1 Minute

Timer Help
To do actions points come in time, Lets say I collect 1 Gold, that will = 10 points. I can do that again strait away for +10,
Breeding Monsters has a 30 second cooldown timer, Meaning I won't get any points towards the event until that ends!