Warmasters sould have great skills what must apply the effect instead of missing because it's a warmaster, Warmasters are one
Stamina is low and cheap because it's a warmaster.
Stats are a bit high but not too overpowered because it's a warmaster.
Traits sould be better than VIPs/Nemesis monsters because there better as in warmasters.
Stamina Sould Go to 200 instead of 140.
Real Changes

  • WarMasters cost 2500 Orbs to get.
  • WarMasters have better skills now with a Trait what is guaranteed a Immunity To Stun or Freeze Or Confusion, Or Something better like bulwark.
  • WarMasters do not have 2 traits but do have a area trait with does not apply to themself.

WarMasters 4th Skill Group Change
I am not going to want to change this much.. Instead of ranking the monster up you sould train them, All monsters sould have a training Skill group, Training a monster will cost gems, 25 Gems - 50 Gems - 50 Gems

Training a Monster will give you 1 extra skill slot for a training skill you can choose the skills you get.\

Real Warmaster Skills
WarMaster Gortak:
Tectonic Uplift - One Target - 25 Stamina - 0 cooldown
Deals Heavy earth damage to one target. 50% Chance of applying quicksand.
Tectonic Uplift - One Target - 30 Stamina - 1 cooldown NEW! - 100% Quicksand now! instead of a 50% Chance.
Deals Very Heavy Earth Damage to one target. Applies Quicksand to one target. Requires cooldown.
Tectonic Stamp - One Target - 28 Stamina - 0 Cooldown
Deals Very Heavy Earth Damage applies quicksand to one target.
Tectonic Stamp - One Target - 23 Stamina - 1 Cooldown. - Stuns target instead of applying Quicksand to One Enemy!
Deals Heavy Earth Damage to one target. Applies Stun to one target. Requires cooldown.

Resilient Fists - One Target - 22 Stamina - 1 cooldown. Gains a 33% Shield.
Deals Heavy Special Damage to one target. Gains a 33% Shield. Requires cooldown.
Resilient Fists - Self - 0 Stamina - 0 Cooldown - Gains A 100% Shield.
Applies a 100% Shield to self.
Ridge Maker - One Target - 25 Stamina - 1 Cooldown
Deals massive earth damage to one target. Applies Quicksand to one target
Ridge Maker - One Target - 45 Stamina - 3 Cooldown.
Deals Massive earth damage to one target. Applies stun to all targets. Requires cooldown.

If its a good idea type in the comments better changes and more I hope this was reasonable for them to add it! Ill do The Fire Warmaster soon!