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Dragon Masters,

Many of you have reported that the Arenas are currently occupied with players who have unobtainable dragons in the game, this includes the level of the dragon.

Your Dragon City team want to make the game fair for everyone, so please keep reading and know more about our latest update on Fair Play in Dragon City.

As you might know, one of our priorities is to keep the game fair and enjoyable for everyone. We understand the frustration of encountering unfair behavior and for the past few weeks, we have been improving our systems and also working on removing dragons + the ability to use these dragons in the game.

Recent Actions Taken:

  • We have already removed Dragons ("Yggdrasil") from the game.
  • Also, we have fixed a bug in the game which means no one will be able to level up a dragon past the official level 70.
  • In addition to this, players will not be able to use a dragon which is "illegal" (stars and dragon level do not match, Level over 70) in the Arenas.

This is just the beginning of improving the overall game experience for anyone in dragon city.

Thank you ALL very much for your patience and for your collaboration.

Have a great day and see you back on the islands!

Link to our Fair Play Policy: