Hi everybody,

We would like to share with you some points that the team will focus on for the next Team Battlegrounds. In the past week, ML team had carefully listened and reviewed all feedback we have received and had several meetings to come up with a plan on how to make the experience better. We believe this could be an amazing event for everybody so we want to make sure the issues/topics that you shared with us will be addressed!
We cannot give you exact details but we will give you at least an idea what the team will be improving.

  • Technical stability
    Fixing the bugs, issues, and misunderstandings that were reported during the beta.

  • Matchmaking
    Fair matches: teams will be matched with others that are very close to their rank.

  • Rewards and Qualification
    Improvements of the current reward system to increase chances to qualify while not harming game’s economy.
    Making the team's performance less dependent on the enemy's activity.

  • Balancing improvements
    Refine difficulty and other economic aspects of the event.

  • UI and UX improvements
    Making the event easier to play and understand.

There's no confirmed date for the next Team Battlegrounds event yet since the team wants to ensure that the critical improvements have been implemented with the right quality. However, as soon as all the changes are incorporated we will schedule it and let you know the date.