so first of all, thank you for the great job you guys have been to doing this game for last 2 years or so.

none the less, bugs still happen which is why Im writing this, to inform you about some that hurts the gameplay.
lets start with fatid or other revival monsters: before the last patch, fatid was able to kill and revive a monster and still keep the same position (for example: enemy 1> fatid> exo skeel> enemy 2. now when you kill exo skeel and revive him, this is what happens: fatid> enemy 2> enemy 3> enemy 1> exo skeel.) now this is a very big problem because fatid was amazing because you were able to fight through tough battles and were winning if you made the right decisions but now regarless how useful fatid can be, thanks to very fast monsters your reviving becomes pointless because they at the end anyways. please revert that back or fix it if it was unintended which is what Im hoping for.

lastly, when you try to remove a delayed kill that 1 turn left from yourself (removing negative statues effects skill) but you die anyways (which doesn't makes sense but ok), the game crashes.