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Dear Community,

We hear you guys asking for more FOOD. We want to give you the option to play a different event to get lots of FOOD as rewards! Yummy!!! Essentially, the Food Race has the same mechanics as a Heroic Race but it’s shorter in length.

Also, the Food Race will have the same improvements we had during the Yggdrasil Heroic Race.

Let’s have a quick overview:

  • Dates: It will run beginning Friday, August 10 and will last 3 days!
  • In order to qualify, you need to reach LAP 3.
  • The Laps have 3 Nodes.
  • Lap 7 -> guaranteed Dragon reward -> the Farm Dragon! (Claim it at the end of the race!)

Remember the race improvements!

  • See all lap rewards in-game!

  • Time-limited rewards! Certain laps will trigger a countdown when they are reached. If you finish the lap within the time limit, your lap rewards will be multiplied! Some laps will give you x2, some will be x4… Check the lap rewards screen to see which laps will have the timer!

  • New missions in nodes: QUESTS!

  • Get your lap rewards after completing them!
    With the EXCEPTION of LAP 7 (Get the Farm Dragon!), you won’t need to close and restart your game to receive them! You will get the rewards right after completing them!

As usual, in order to be eligible for the event rewards, please remember that you will have to REACH LAP 3. If you achieve this number of laps, you will unlock the prizes and, depending on your final position in the ranking at the end of the race, you will be able to get the following rewards:

1st place:
EPIC: Farm Dragon
FOOD: 2,500,000

2nd - 3rd place:
FOOD: 250,000

4th - 8th place:
FOOD: 25,000

...and what about the Special Rewards? For this new race, we have added FOOD rewards! Check out the list of ALL the rewards you can get NOW!


  • Reach LAP 2 and be rewarded: 25,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 3 and you will QUALIFY for the race prizes + 50,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 4 and be rewarded: 100,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 5 and be rewarded: 300,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 6 and be rewarded: 350,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 7 and be rewarded: the Farm Dragon (claim it at the end of the race!)
    Please keep in mind that if you finish the race in first place and have completed at least 7 laps, you will only receive the Farm Dragon once, not twice.
  • Reach LAP 8 and be rewarded: 400,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 9 and be rewarded: 450,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 10 and be rewarded: 500,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 11 and be rewarded: 550,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 12 and be rewarded: 600,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 13 and be rewarded: 700,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 14 and be rewarded: 750,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 15 and be rewarded: 1,000,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 16 and be rewarded: 1,100,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 17 and be rewarded: 1,200,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 18 and be rewarded: 1,350,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 19 and be rewarded: 1,500,000 Food!
  • Reach LAP 20 and be rewarded: The Ultimate Chest with tons of FOOD!! 5 Million FOOD!!

That's all for now, Dragon Master!

Happy racing everyone & see you on the islands!