Hello! Thanks for checking in on my event idea.
I had inspiration of the Titan Invasion event and wanted to create one of my own events just for fun.

Event Name: Monster World War
Team Type event.
Time running for around 7 - 10 days.

Okay so all monsters have runes, relics and are level 100 in this event.

Main Idea:
There is 3 parts to this event. One is your own personal effort, team effort and finally, the main "boss" battle.

Personal Effort
Each player is allowed 5 attacks all together. Each node being 12 hour cooldown. Each victory gains one "crystal" (more information of these later on in the post). Failure to win will receive the player one strike. 3 of these and they will be unable to complete the rest of their solo attacks.

And that's pretty much it for the personal effort.

Team Effort
The main screen once they launch the "Monster World War" will be the grand prize in the middle. However, this is only the first time. The screen scrolls down to the bottom, locking all upper levels.

The event is like a building, you're slowly progressing up the tower to the top, where you have to fight the main boss.

You know them crystals that I said earlier in the post? They're used here.

The team must get 15 crystals to unlock the first monster battle. 10 members must battle and win this to progress upwards. Each player only has one battle per level on this tower. The higher they go up, the more crystals it costs to unlock the monster battle.

There is 5 "minions" to go through before you get to the top.

Boss Battle
At the top there is the main monster, which has an insane amount of health, which the team together needs to lower as much as possible. No member is expected to kill the monster and it will have insane runes, relics and damage.

If the monster has already been attacked by another player, the monster will not regenerate, meaning that the health left at the previous battle will the starting point for the next player.

Depending on how much damage inflicted to the monster is depending their reward such as (example):

Full health gone - Level 4 Monster
5M health - 5.999M health - Level 3 Monster
4M health - 4.999M health - Level 2 Monster
3M health - 3.999M health - Level 1 Monster
2M health - 2.999M health - Level 0 Monster

Less = Food, Gold and maybe a epic monster.

And that's it!
Thanks for everyone who has read this post. If you have suggestions to add onto this or disagree, please reply as I would like to see what you think of this event feature 🙂