Hi Carlos, I just heard that u r Monsters creator, so I hope u can take a look. Thanks

Name: Fate
Element: Legendary/Magic
Book: Spirit

Special Skill:
Jackpot!: Deal heavy Magic Damage to all enemies. Has 10% chance to kill all enemies instantly.

Trait: Has 20% chance to reflect any negative effect back to the enemies.

Group 1:

  • Throwing Cards: Deal low Physical damage to a single enemy.
  • Magic Cards: Deal low Magic damage to a single enemy.

Group 2:

  • Roulette: Deal Moderate Magic damage to a single enemy. Have 30% chance to gain an extra turn.
  • Luck or Fate?: Deal Moderate Special Damage to all enemies. May apply a negative effect to all enemies.
  • Share The Luck: Sacrifice a random amount of self health to recover 50% Health for all allies.
    (50% Health: 50% chance, 30% Health: 30% chance, 15% Health: 15% chance, 5% Health: 5% chance.)

Group 3:

  • God Bless Me: Give all allies random amount of Damage Bonus for 2 turns. Give all allies 50% Precision. Cooldown 2 turns.
    (50% Damage Bonus: 50% chance, 100% Damage Bonus: 35% chance, 200% Damage Bonus: 15% chance.)
  • Twist Of Fate: Deal random amount of Magic Dmg to all enemies. Cooldown 4 turns.
    (Moderate damage: 60% chance, Heavy Damage: 30% chance, Very Heavy Damage: 10% chance.)
  • Fortune Smiles: Deal moderate Special Damage to a single enemy. Has 30% to dodge next attack.

The number can be nefted or buffed base on the balance of the game.

Please give me commend if you like it, or u feel somethings need to be fixed.
Thank you.