Because i love progressive events i have ideea for next this type of event. The name is "Immortal Queens Island" and will be great to be close when Halloween starts but is ok anytime. Structure is :

  1. Wisteria (20 gold/3 fights/3 breed/3 hatch)
    2.Dusty Fear (30 gold/20 feed/5 breed/5 hatch)
    3.Fampira(44 gold/30 feed/5 fights/6 breed)
  2. 20 Baba Yaga cells (1 hatch)
    5.Countess Flawless (55 gold/6 fights/6 hatch)
  3. 30 Metalisha cells (1 breed)
    ---Shoud be 2 more creatures 🙂 Can be 2 new creatures or old...not my choose 🙂