Greetings, Monster Masters! We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take some time before the 7.1 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to a lot of amazing improvements.


App version in Battle Screen
This will help us understand in which version of the game were taken screenshots or videos that the community share with us.

Monster Lab: extraction list improvement
Better sorting of the monsters

Team Wars Cooldown for new team members (only for Team Leads)
Now the Leaders can see when an applicant can participate in a Team War


50% chance never fails
Fixed an issue that allowed skills with 50% chance of hitting to always hit

Monster Power text
Monster power indicator no longer goes out of the borders

Time Challenge: visual issue
Fixed a visual discrepancy between player's score and what the reward's bar showed

Healing and Damage over times interaction
Double Healing and Reverse Healing should now work properly when they are applied to Monsters that are also affected by Regeneration or Damage over time effects

Survival Dungeon: visual issue
Monsters equipped with Runes and Relic didn't show those items equipped in the team selection

Fatid: Turn issue
When Fatid uses Traitor Eater and Vein Worms Infestation on a allied Monster, the Monster is not able to get any turn, this should not happen anymore.

Timerion and Talika crashes
In certain conditions, the skills Back in Time and Maca might have caused the game to block, this should not happen anymore.

Relics (After Hit conditions + Area Effect)
Fixed an issue that prevented Relics Perks (with After being Hit condition) to trigger with Area Effect skills if MAIN target avoided or was immune to the skills effect. Now the secondary targets will trigger the Perk even if the main one doesn't trigger it.

Red Monsters
Monsters that are affected by a reflected skill might change colour and become red! This should not happen anymore.

Ingenica modify Rune's stats
Ingenica's skills should not affect anymore Runes %.

Necromancer Crash
In certain situations a Necromancer affected by Trait Disabler and Possession can cause the game to block, this should not happen anymore.


After the beta we collected data and feedback from the participants and we applied a number of tweaks and improvements that will improve the experience from the next Battleground.
Thanks everybody for participating and providing us precious feedback.