Monster Masters!

Fixing bugs is one of our biggest priorities and to make everything as transparent as possible we would like to share with you all the bug fixes we implement in the game.

Every month we will release a “Monster Bug Fixes” log for that particular month. It will include a list of upcoming fixes of the bugs related to Monsters.

The log will be constantly updated as we continue to fix bugs throughout the month. So make sure you check this page once in a while.

Of course, if you experience any issue in the game, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

Following changes will be live on August 28th.

Xiron - Ignite does not always land.
Ignite should have 100% chance of landing.

Countess Flawless - Fix AI to use possession skills.
When the enemy AI team has Countess Flawless with possession skills, she doesn't use them.

Hirondeleor - Warm River Flow should apply only on itself.
Hirondeleor skill Warm River Flow should apply Double Damage and Precision ONLY on itself but instead it gives the Precision bonus to ALL the allied monsters.