Teamwork. Strategy. Communication. Activity. We've got it. What else could you want in a competitive team? How about an average of 375 war coins per win? Yep, that'd do it.

Tenacious Kingdom is for the average experienced player with a top tier attitude. We use many of the same strategies as the big dogs, but bring it to a less hardcore audience. We assist in configuring monsters, such as runes, but unlike the elites we do not require our members to swap runes around every war. We do require the use of "speed sheets" to help our players decide which enemies they should attack. This is a strategy that's proved well for us time and time again, even in wars where we're seemingly outgunned.

Obviously, at the time of this post we're recruiting. We're looking for players with good level 100+ monsters, with at least the main deniers being ranked. Every war-capable monster should be equipped with level 6+ runes, mainly speed and strength of course. Players should be able and willing to use Facebook daily, and open to advice for monsters' runes and monster selection for each individual war. Also, you should be constantly trying to improve your roster and runes.

To apply, please join our FB group page and introduce yourself! https://www.facebook.com/groups/tenaciouskingdomML/