this ill be a new type of island in which player must to choose between the past path and the future path this is because dr.viktor newest machine consume very much energy so he send you to one of this period so in the past path you can get medusha and callisto as epics, obsidiane and kulkan as old legendary and the brand 2 legendary are greedmeleon (design: half human half chameleon with a golden crown and golden accessories, legendary/earth , trait : disguise - hen the battle begin change his form,trait,element and skills of a random monster in the field) and godrilla (design : a gorilla with space dust around him and a star tatto and his chest , legendary/magic , trait : god-like - all status effect reflect and the enemy - )
and no e had the futur path e have nautilus-1 and i-pug for epic, R.O.L.F and Rabooka for old legendary and the new monsters are junko (design robot made of junk , legendary/metal , trait: recycle - when a monster die the monster get the dead monster trait - ) and Arcade 2.0 ( an upgraded version of arcade , legendary/thunder , trait jumpscare : immunity to nightmares, lo chance to give a enemy nightmare each time he attack