Hey guys, I have a question about the current Deus dragon breeding event.
Considering you can breed any Deus dragon x any Deus dragon to get a random extra from one of the parent, isn't it better to breed the SAME Deus dragon x same Deus dragon? To enhance your breeding possibility getting the same dragon as the 2 parents?
I think it does really help since I've been breeding Dralux x Dralux and I only got Dralux eggs if it was from Deus. Same with Dragem x Dragem. Unless this was just really lucky somehow...

Second, is there a possible 'easier' combination to get the Draek dragon? Yes, just breed Deus dragons until you get it... But I don't have a single Draek. Does that mean i'm a goner? 😧
Same for the upcoming Dracon... I don't have that one either so I can't get eggs by breeding Dues dragons I DO have?

EDIT: forgot to ask, what are the breeding times for the specific Deus dragons? like, for example the Dralux was 25 ish hours.