• Add a new tab "shop of alliance", in which members of the alliance can buy items such as dragon orbs that are not those that give in the chest of alliances, food, exclusive ornaments with the theme of the holiday that is celebrated . It would be open once a week.

  • Add a new currency "Alliance tickets", which will be used as currency for the "alliance shop". They would be obtained according to the points of collaboration in the alliance chest, they would not be cumulative with other points of past chests.

  • More variety of orbs in the alliance chest, these orbs added to the list would only be event dragons that do not have the primary element from common rarity to epic.
    New event of alliance missions, this event is that the alliance must complete missions as in the heroic race but will not compete against other alliances, only the alliance according to their points could improve the prize obtained at the end of the event, the rewards would be orbs of heroic dragons and vip dragons (from 15 to 50)