I tried to play Dragon City today. I collected gold, food and green tokens. Not enough food to build up my high level dragons so started more. I went to the League. All the dragons are level 40. Mine are 35. I cant upgrade the roost till I have 10 level 35 and so far, I only have 5. On to Quests. I can get the Colourful dragon I need on Funfare Island. My green tokens only take e 3 steps. Its a timed quest and I only get green tokens a couple of times a day so that's not going to happen. My next quest requires a level 30 flame dragon. Mine's 27. Arena next. I have no idea how to get that many hit points but they are all better and higher level than mine. So I spent the rest of my gens recalling dragons then through the portal. Lots of stones to collect here. If I spend half an hour upgrading them I can upgrade one dragon. Maybe I should just admit, impossible is boring and go do something else