The Wicked Ones are looking for new members (groups of people and mergers encouraged).
We can currently accommodate 10 or a few more than that depending on needs.
We are one of the original top 100 teams since the beginning of team wars with lots of experience
Most of our members have at least lvl 120 monsters in every book and element and mostly lvl IX-X runes and been playing for 4 years now.
What we ask from new members is 5/5 in wars and very active in races
Being active with mostly lvl 115 monsters (not just the race monsters) in each book and element along with lvl VII runes and some IX-X is more than enough to join us.
We are not f2p and we spend each one of us what we can for the betterment of our own accounts and the team.
We always do at least 25 laps in races minimum and 50+ if we really like the race monster.
If you think you are a group of like minded players and want to be part of our family please reply here or find me on facebook under the name Gregory Lepidas.

You have to:

  • Speak English
  • Be with us on facebook chat
  • Do 5/5 in wars
  • Be active in races
  • Not have a bloated MP