I have been a DC player for a very long time (since 2012 or 13). I love how the older dragons make me feel, because around 2015, my life started going through some huge changes that made me lose my previous joy and sunny disposition. Looking at those old dragons makes me remember playing DC on my mom’s old iPhone 4, staring longingly at the wind dragon (I still do. I’ve bred 8 legendaries, and 2 of which are duplicates of sackman and drathic, my least favorite breedable legends, but still no wind.) and when my goals seemed reachable, all dragons were usable, and when you could get all the dragons by breeding. I love those old dragons (except the ones which are just inanimate objects with faces). They make me think of my childhood.
The art style has gone through many changes, and up until recently, it’s made me think about abandoning DC. If one of the reasons I play a game is for wistful memories of simpler days simply because of how a dragon looks, i don’t want that look to change.
When the Durukuru dragon was first put in the dragon book, I stared at it for a few minutes. I felt that same longing I felt for the wind dragon. It looked like a fun little character, with slow, easy to look at animation, a good palette and round, beautiful eyes.
The eyes.
That’s why I fell in love. That scrap of the older dragons that I grew to love because of those eyes was present in the durukuru dragon. I loved it. And I have it, in my light habitat, with all of my other favorites, at level 15 and named Artie Broke-ah because I figured I could slip in a tomodachi life reference to my dragon’s name.
I felt a similar feeling towards the cake dragon. Its simple concept. Its complex yet memorable design. Its amazing colors, and its funny description. It even had my favorite element, happy.
But those eyes.
The eyes made me fall in love.
I am starting to get more hope for DC, with the greenhouse essentially bringing back the tomato tree, better dragons being produced and a new mindset similar to mine;
Keep moving forward, but never let go of your past.
That is why the cake dragon is one of my favorites.