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Dear community,

We are delighted to introduce you to a brand new Event Island in Dragon City… the Fruit Puzzle Island!!


Dates: Sep 27th until October 8th!

Watch this video -> HERE!

What is this Island?

The Fruit Puzzle Island is a new type of event we are introducing in Dragon City. The goal here is simple: when this island appears you will have the chance of obtaining new dragons and rewards from it by collecting the fruit that appears on a board. To collect this fruit you will need to use a puzzle move to swap them up, down or to the sides to create matches of 3 or more of the same color in a row. This island will only appear for a limited time so make sure you don’t miss it!

How can I obtain puzzle moves?

You can obtain puzzle moves by completing different missions, like collecting a certain amount of gold or hatching dragons with specific elements. As long as you manage to complete these missions, there is no limit to how many moves you can obtain in a day!

If you want to play even more, you can also get more puzzle moves in the PACKS section of the game’s SHOP.

What types of missions are there?

These are all the possible types of missions you will find in the Fruit Puzzle Island:
*Collecting gold
*Collecting food
*Breeding or Hatching dragons of a specific rarity or element combination
*Winning battles in the Arenas
*Winning League battles
*Winning Quest battles

Remember: if you do any of these actions but none of your active missions are requesting it, that action will not count! Always check the mission list to see what is your next step.

How can I use the moves and boosters?

To swap fruit, simply drag them onto the position of another adjacent one. If the swap does not create a match, the fruit will revert to their original positions and you will not spend a puzzle move.

If you have difficulty trying to find a match, look closely: after a few seconds, some fruit will move a little to indicate a possible match.

When you create a match with more than 3 fruit, you will create a booster fruit! These have effects that vary depending on the size and shape of the match:

  • Horizontal booster: Match 4 fruit in a line with a horizontal swap to create it. When used in a match it will clear an entire row!
  • Vertical booster: Match 4 fruit in a line with a vertical swap to create it. When used in a match it will clear an entire column!
  • Area booster: match 5 or 6 fruit in a T-shape or an L-shape to create it. When used in a match it will collect all the fruit around it!
  • Star booster: match 5 fruit in a line to create it. You can swap it with any color to collect all the fruit with that color!

You can also combine 2 boosters that are next to each other for even more powerful effects:

  • Combining 2 area boosters will clear an ever bigger area
  • Combining 2 star boosters will clear the entire board!
  • Any other combination will clear 3 rows or 3 columns

REWARDS! How can I unlock them?

To get the rewards you must collect a number of fruits, which is specified just below each reward. They require different amounts and colors, so you will have to think carefully which fruit you are going to collect with each move, depending on the reward you are aiming for.

Once you claim a reward, a new one will fill its spot. And this can go on forever! There is absolutely no limit on the number of rewards you can get from the Fruit Puzzle Island!

We have included 6 exclusive new dragons in this event. Not only that: one of them is very special... it’s the Durian Dragon! He is a Legendary Mythical Dragon with powers that surpass any of the other legendaries.


Some rewards are time limited, which means that they will disappear before the event finishes. You can see which rewards have a timer in the rewards screen.

Sometimes, you will also encounter rewards with a counter that requires you to obtain them before a certain number of Puzzle Moves are used. If the counter runs out, the reward will disappear! But don’t worry: you will get a chance to reset the counter and keep trying to get the reward.

Level up!

As you play the Fruit Puzzle Island you’ll earn experience points for it. When the bar on the right becomes full, the island will level up and the board will change! Sometimes it will become more difficult, and at other times it will get easier. Remember to use your boosters before the board changes!

Feel free to share the level you reach and compete with other players!

That’s all for now, Dragon Masters!

Keep writing your #DragonCityStory and see you back on the islands!