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    @philocalist said in Moving eggs straight to storage:

    Thanks for the replies - was aware of what has been said but was hoping there may have been a way I was unaware of storage companies near me . Putting dragons into the Dragonarium currently costs me 35 gems a time unless there is an offer on and I buy in advance

    thanks for the answers!

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    @pvtpyle said in Greediest company in the history of gaming?:

    its not pay2win. you can play, but you will NEVER, I repeat NEVER be one of those people from teams like RESURRECTION OF AMAB if you don't pay. But I also enjoy playing the game even if i dont have 130 monsters and X runes, and just be in a decent chill team and just play for fun Someone even spent so much gems to get a 130 famperium in 1 day ....at least you know that instead of wasting money in a game about virtual monsters, you use it to buy more important things that actually helps you in life.

    I'm not sure what is the point of jabbing at a person with extra income spending it on a hobby they enjoy. Yes the amount that person spent maybe obscene to most players, but I don't see how a person behind a forum post is in any more of a position giving life advice and than a player spending xxxx gems in a breeding event. Accounting firms near me address in Virginia.
    You say you enjoy the game without "130 monsters and X runes" and yet you take the time to look at other players who enjoy the game a different way/spend, go directly to their profile/monstergram to see they have a 130 Famperium, and then proceed to post about it in the forums.
    I enjoy my game at my own pace, but I don't go about jabbing players who spend more/less/no money. Why not make a more accepting community, and not divide it with negative sentiments simply because some chose to spend or don't spend?

    Yes, in some ways you are right

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    @jeremy-richard-griffith said in How do I get my money back?:
    accounting firms near me [website] Your Books On Time.

    I started playing this again on google play, and linked it with my facebook but when I continued my progress from my facebook I lost all of my in game purchases that I had made since starting over. I would like to get my money back or at least be able to use my purchases. What can I do?

    how to decide the issue?

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    @robert-whoever said in First problem with new island?:

    Same issue. Purchased new island, started construction on 5 legendary habitats, accounting firms near me company Your Books On Time. > closed game, reopened, now only 2 of the 5 new habitats are showing but workers are still being used. Also, the new deeper zoom out doesn't affect the new island. All other islands get smaller but new island doesn't. Makes it look like I can place a lot more than 6 legendary habitats on there.


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